As a rookie radio rock and roll jock, all of the age of, young. I was lucky enough to be working in a golden age of rock. One of the all time favorite bands, for pretty much every rock guy trying to make it in radio, was Deep Purple. Now it seems that the early years were tougher than the last. "When Deep Purple released their eponymous third studio album on June 21, 1969, the career of the now-legendary group was in a rather tenuous state. Not even a year had passed since their debut, ‘Shades of Deep Purple,’ had spawned a massive American Top 5 single in a cover of Joe South’s ‘Hush.’But the comparatively disappointing sales of their sophomore LP, ‘The Book of Taliesyn,’ coupled with mounting business troubles experienced by their U.S. record label Tetragrammaton (co-owned by comedian Bill Cosby), put increasing pressure on the band ahead of recording this crucial third long-player."

And to think that "Hush" was just a beginning of things to come.

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