When I heard that there was going to be a real Chef...I mean a real, personified Chef,  coming to Casper I was....well skeptical. I mean really. Why would a dude that has mad cooking skills, who created food for the Playboy Mansion and it's guests (his last gig), hung out with the Cardashians in Italy (they flew him over on their jet), was invited to cook exclusively for Snoop Dog at his yearly party (he created a dish exclusively for him) and twice rocked the TV show (Hells Kitchen) with his cuisine creations, come to Casper? Chef Robert Hesse answered the question to me personally: "To be a big fish in a small pond. And to raise my baby!" And he's here.In all his largess! He's a big boy....Tonight he opens for business offering some pretty incredible plates of enticing creations from the "food" perspective. Tonight J's Pub opens for all of us that want a little something extra when it comes to what we spend our hard earned money on in terms of a wonder plate of specially designed dishes to act like "Mack Daddies" and eat till our hearts content. Heck just go for desert. Hint? Try the "Blue Swede Shoes." Welcome to Casper Chef. I hope you stay until I eat every plate on the menu.