Here's more proof that dieting really just comes down to cutting calories . . . regardless of where those calories come from.

There's a guy named Evo Terro in Arizona who created his own Oktoberfest diet.  This is his third year of only having sausage and beer for the entire month of October.

He eats and drinks about 15,000 calories a week, which comes out to around 2,100 calories a day.  He says he has six beers a day, which leaves enough calories for about four sausages.

It's not clear how large he is, but we're assuming he's pretty big . . . we're thinking to lose weight at 2,100 calories a day, you've got to be well over 200 pounds.

The first time Evo did his sausage and beer diet, he dropped 14 pounds in one month.  His doctor says he also saw a drop in his cholesterol.  There's no word on how much he lost last year.