As the Sheep Herder Hill Fire rages on, we wanted to look back at another fire that took place six years ago. Though tragic and scary, this is not the first time Casper Mountain has been up in flames. In fact, Casper Mountain has had it's fair share of fires. One of the worst of which occurred back in 2006, in a fire that is referred to as the 'Jackson Canyon Fire.'

The wildfire started on Sunday, August 13 2006 on Casper Mountain and quickly spread to 11, 496 acres. More than 300 residents were evacuated from their homes, and both Casper Mountain Road and Garden Creek Road were closed for a time.

Gov. Dave Freudenthal stated in a press release that "It would be difficult to overestimate the sheer magnitude of the fire, the resources it is demanding and its effect on Natrona County residents." He continued by saying that "Hundreds of firefighters, heavy air tankers and multiple helicopters are already in the fray, but more help is thankfully on the way."

The fire was eventually put out, after 11 days of burning. If there is one thing that this fire taught us, it's that sometimes things burn. Fires rage. Trees, grass, even homes are destroyed. But homes can be rebuilt. Trees can grow again. People can, have and will band together to rise above this recent fire. Our community came together during the Jackson Canyon Fire and it is coming together during the Sheep Herder Hill Fire as well.