If I was asked to describe a job I could work 40 years at I would struggle to come up with something. Anything really that one could do for 40 years, let alone be a hard rock band. But that's what AC/DC has done. They have survived the torturous life of rock and roll, and the death of front man Bon Scott, for 40 years. And I think they are better than ever. More tasteful if you will. And now they are going back on the road to celebrate their Anniversary. "AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson has confirmed the band will be back in action soon to mark their 40th anniversary.The Aussie giants, who played their first gig on December 31st, 1973, are planning to start studio work in May, then they’ll deliver one concert for every year of their career. And the singer has confirmed their schedule had been put on hold while one member of the band dealt with serious health issues. http://www.classicrockmagazine.com/news/acdc-return-for-anniversary/

Look for Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap....at a venue nearest you.