One of the most prolific bands in rock and roll says that there wont be a new Aerosmith album in the future. "Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer says the band are unlikely ever to make a follow-up to 2012's Music From Another Dimension! The lukewarm reception to the last album and the state of the record industry could mean a new Aerosmith studio album may never see the light of day, according to Kramer, who adds that making records only makes sense to the likes of Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj. Speaking to Ultimate Classic Rock, Kramer says: “It would be great to make another record, but it's almost, why bother? Records don't sell, and they don't do anything. There's no record companies to pay for it, so you have to pay for it out of your pocket. Especially with us now, because we're a free agent, we're no longer with a record company."

Could this be the demise of the rock and roll record as we know it?