God I love this time of year. Number One's in the top 25 get blown out. Teams that no one knows about show that they truly have game by knocking off ranked teams. And each day holds another historical match up that wrenches the heart of the fan. Makes the fan walk around his house or a/partment yelling at the radio or TV. Literally dropping to his knees in the final 45 seconds.

The number one defensive team in the Mountain West Conference couldn't play defense for 60 seconds. The University of Wyoming Cowboy Basketball team (15-4, 2-4) lost to the the Air Force Academy Falcons (12-6, 3-2) at home in Laramie 57-48. With a little more than a minute left in Laramie the Cowboys were down only five points. But couldn't stop the Falcons and couldn't score when they needed to. The Cowboys clunked 23 three point shots through out the game. There were enough bricks thrown up tonight in the Arena

Auditorium to build a new Law Library. The Pokes, who couldn't buy a bucket from the land of three, at least did one thing right. They kept shooting. And shooting. And shooting. Give credit to the Air Force Academy. A team that has a height requirement to get in to the Academy. In other words you can't be to tall (cause you can't fit into a jet). Air Force's defense found a way to keep the Cowboys out of the paint. And guess what? The Cowboys were taller! Forcing them to shoot from the outside. And shoot from the outside. And shoot from the outside. A season low of 17.9 percent from the land of three. A season low! So now the Cowboys have lost three Conference games in a row. Two of them at home. To say the Pokes are struggling is like saying Luke Martinez hurt his hand getting a manicure.Nice job Luke. You've really helped out your team, your family and the University that gave you a scholarship.

And things don't get any easier. And they shouldn't when playing in the Mountain West Conference. Heck Conference leader, and 15th ranked New Mexico, got beat by San Diego State (who Wyoming smacked around at home) by 21 points. And Colorado State is quietly sneaking up on every one in the conference. Now the Cowboys have to take on America's 15th best team in the country, and the number one team in the conference in the guise of the New Mexico Lobos (17-3, 4-1) and who are going to be a little miffed after losing to San Diego State. That game will be Wednesday night and can be heard on our sister station AM 1030 KTWO. Time for the Cowboys to re-group, re-focus and re-prioritize. Because the University of Wyoming Cowboys Basketball Team can't rely on Senior forward Leonard Washington and Larry Nance Jr. It's time for some other "players" who are on "scholarship" to step up, step out, and grow up. They say that "Talk is cheap but the price of action is colossal."  Because right now the Cowboys have gone from a top 25 ranking to being next to last in the Mountain West Conference. A Conference that doesn't make friends but takes hostages. A Conference where you need more than a game face you need some game. Nothing comes easy in the Mountain West Conference. And that's as it should be. Especially if you want to compete with the ACC, or Big East. One can't wait for the Conference Tournament to make a statement. You need to talk loud and proud every night. Home or on the road. God I love this time of year!