The last time the Broncos took the field for a game that counted their mistakes on defense cost them a trip to the Super Bowl. The other night Seattle shredded Denver's defense for 40 points. Yea it was pre-season. But 40 points? For Denver to have any success this year they will not be able to out score thier opponents. So what does their all star defensive player do? He gets busted for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy. For the second time. And now he's not going to be on the field come game day for six games.

"In the test that triggered the suspension, multiple sources say Miller was flagged for a "diluted sample." It happened after Miller was asked to provide a test before an offseason workout/practice and the sample was spilled, by Miller, before it was given to the collector. Miller was then asked at that time to provide another sample and he could not."

Nice job Von. You let your team mates down. The city of Denver and all Bronco fans down. And your family down. Grow up.