The crosses that the Allman Brothers Band have had to carry over the years have been biblical. Starting with the death of guitarist Duane Allman at the height of their careers. Rumors of the bands demise are greatly exaggerated. "Gregg Allman has changed tack on his previous announcement that the Allman Brothers Band would split at the end of 2014.In January he reacted to the surprise announcement that guitarists Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks were leaving by saying the entire group would shut down. Allman said: "This is it – this is the end of it. 45 years is enough, and I want to do something else anyway." Now he tells "As for the rumor of the Brothers breaking up, that is a rumor. We are replacing Derek Trucks." "When asked what guitarists he is considering for the next iteration of the band, Allman simply laughed and said, “I ain’t gonna let you in on all of it, brother! You wanna try out?”

I think they should ask Zac Brown to join the band.