The variety of artists, the breadth of the musical spectrum, the cultural diversity that Artcore brings to Casper is remarkable. A cultural and musical rainbow that so enhances our community Artcore is a diamond in the rough when it comes to the diversity of talent that they bring to our fair city. Tonight was no different. Artcore brought singer/songwriter Jeff Finlin to the stage and for all those in attendance it was remarkable. You ask "how is it your on the air and yet you know it was a great show?" Well I've been sent a dozen text...and two videos from friends in the audience. And I know Jeff. So I'm going to simply say thank you to Carolyn Duel for bringing Jeff to the city...and allowing many to be taken away by his images, his music...his art. Jeff's poetic perspective is so unique he can't be compared to or pigeon holed into any type of specific genre.  And he has a new CD out...available through his web site And to Jeff....please come back soon. Especially when I'm not on the air.