See that mascara running down Harley Quinn’s eyes? What’d you do, Batman?

Oh. Right. He kicked the Joker’s ass. She STILL isn’t over that? Jeesh, can’t we all just move on?

The sidekick-slash-lover of Mr. J makes a return in the aptly titled Batman: Arkham City DLC chapter Harley Quinn’s Revenge. The usually ditzy blonde sets a seemingly brilliant trap for Batman and even manages to capture him. You’ll step into the shoes of the Dark Knight’s sidekick-slash-lover in an attempt to stop Harley and stage a rescue.

She reminds us a lot of the women we’ve dated. She wears a little less makeup. Also, she is not as crazy as those other girls. They make Harley Quinn look like Mother Theresa.

Harley Quinn’s Revenge will hit on stores May 29th.