I've been in the music/radio business for over 30 years in one variety or another. Have seen live musical/artistic expressions from a wide range of musicians that have honed their craft from years of work. Experienced genres from classical to hip hop. So I have a box to stand on when it comes to being able to judge different levels of talent. Ranging from Julliard grads to garage bands. And I have a critical comment to make about the level of talent that walked across the Beartrap Summer Festival stage this past weekend.

The headliners had numerous Grammy's amongst the two. There were three musicians that had won numerous state championships, on their respective instruments, in competition from Arizona, California and Virginia. Three Julliard graduates. Not to mention representatives from Ireland that had appeared on stages ranging from Radio City Music Hall, The Royal Albert Hall to the Hollywood Bowl. And that level of talent was combined with a passion to entertain, and a humility to their art that I had never seen at one venue. It was remarkable.

So to Jana and Bob Price, Donovan Short, all the staff, volunteers, food providers and vendors that worked so very hard to create the venue for those talented artists to bring their music to the stage. I would like to say thank you for allowing me to be part of a musical experience that I wont soon forget. I was honored to be a part of the entire weekend. It was remarkable.

For those of you that decided to stay home from Beartrap this weekend you made a error in judgment that allowed you to miss what was the highest level of musicianship and artistic expression I've ever seen assembled on one stage. Beloieve me. The sheer talent level of most if not all of the bands that played during the two day festival was off the charts. It was something one would find at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. Or in a studio in Los Angeles.