Any full moon in orbit when it's closest to Earth is a “Supermoon.” The closest and biggest looking Sopermoon of the year will be full and at its closest point to Earth,10 minutes after noon mountain time August 10, and visible tomorrow/Sunday night after sunset..

This perigee moon, meaning “closest point to earth” will be closer to the earth than it has been in over twenty years. It can appear 4% closer and 30% brighter than a normal moon. For 26 minutes around 4:10pm, the moon will be in full perigee and about 221,765 miles from earth, raising tidal levels somewhat along some European coastlines.

An added bonus will be the addition of viewing the Perseid Meteor Shower, a leftover of the Swift/Tuttle comet.

The best viewing will be in the middle of the Indian Ocean, but where would you go in Wyoming to get the best view?