Does anybody know how hard it is to do a radio show while trying to watch your favorite team on Monday Night Football? Believe me in the many years I've been doing radio I've done some crazy stuff while on the air some of which I would probably get arrested for today. Don't tell my boss cause I'm not supposed to be watching football while doing a radio show....but I'll tell you I wasn't going to miss this one. And what does Peyton Manning do to start the game? He throws 3...count em' three interceptions that resulted in scores for the Atlanta Falcons. But through sheer will by Manning and an incredible performance by the Bronco's Defense... the Broncos were able to bounce back from a 20 point deficit (and absolutely horrendous officiating) to cut the lead to 27-21 with about 3:25 remaining. But the Bronco's didn't run out of will...they just ran out of time. Replacement refs almost lost total control of the game twice when poor calls, and fights, resulted in mayhem on the field. But all in all it was an incredible football game and one in which the Bronco's don't have a thing to be ashamed of...because this will help them down the road. Yep great game.... One I didn't get to watch because I was at work.