Back in 1976. Randy Hall was a concert promoter in Casper with his company Mountain West Productions. Doing numerous shows through out the Casper area. One of his biggest shows was in August of 1976. Out at the rodeo arena at the Central Wyoming Fairgrounds Hall booked an out door show with Jerry Corbetta and Sugarloaf, Johnny Rivers and the headliner was the "new" Fleetwood Mac. The show was a huge sell out for an out door concert with Fleetwood Mac playing the entirety of their lP with Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks in the band. Fleetwood Mac set the summer night on fire with a two hour set under the lights. Hall had a number of special Fleetwood Mac T shirts printed up for the occasion. Only a selected few people got one. Hall did not. Last week, one of Hall's friends presented him with his own concert T shirt. 37 years after the show. As a gift to celebrate Hall's 60th birthday. Now Randy Hall's concert career can come to it's rightful conclusion. And who of thought that Fleetwood Mac had one of their most successful years touring this past summer. 37 years after they played Casper.