For a group of Casper College students and thier teachers. A field trip for a week to Montana to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation was more than just a get away. It was an opportunity to help, build, and learn about the Native Culture. Dr. Diana Quealy Berge, Director of the Addictionology Department took a group of students on a true cultural learning experience. The students: Robert Barnes, Rachel Judy, Steve Chenoweth, Deb Web, Jessica Harcourt,  Candice Papke [the youngest age 14],and the teachers: Dr Brandon Kosine and Dr. Berge worked and learned from their native friends and teachers as well. The Elders and Native teachers: Will Peters, Inila Wakan, Carol Ironrope Hererra, Corbin Conroy, and the beautiful Lakota People allowed the students into their lives. "We put in flooring, patched roofs, built walls, skirted mobile homes, dug outhouse hole/installed outhouses/built outhouses, built porches and stairs, sorted clothes for the give away, toured the Oglala Lakota College, Red Cloud School [a private k-12 Catholic school], ate lunch at Betty's [great grand daughter of Black Elk]shopped at the Singing Horse Trading Post sometimes had a cold soda at Sharp's Corner or Big Bats at the end of a long hard work day.cooked meals, cleaned up and learned a lot of history not taught in the history books, cried laughed visited old friends and met new friends and Called our Spirits back as we departed the Pine Ridge Reservation - POW Camp #334."