There are many things to love about living in Casper- the community, the mountain, two Wal-Marts. But there is one thing that most of us can agree on about our great city- we hate the wind! It messes up our hair, throws sand in our eyes, scares the heck out of us when we're driving next to a semi truck and we see it start to rock, etc. Because of this, we have come up with 5 tips for avoiding the wind.

#5- Plan ahead

There's this great thing on television called the weather channel. Also, if you keep your radio permanently tuned to 107.9 (which you should be doing already, anyway), you'll be given weather updates every hour. Watch, listen, and if you hear that wind speed is exceeding 60 mph, maybe don't pick that day to plan your picnic.

#4- Wear a Wind Breaker...or 3

Cha-Cha just told us that a wind breaker is designed to resist wind. Thanks Cha-Cha! If you must be outside when it's windy, it is a good idea to wear one of these bad boys. Especially if it's some neon color with flowers on it. It may not be the best fashion choice in the world, but it will 'resist wind,' at least a little bit for you. You'll still get pulled around by Mother Nature, but at least it won't be quite so cold. Or annoying.

#3- Make friends With Fat People

This sounds mean, but it is still a good idea, especially if you're little. The trick is to make friends with bigger people, and then, if you're outside, stand directly behind them at all times. Their mass will block the wind from you, and hopefully, since you're standing behind them, they won't 'break wind.' If ya know what we mean. means hopefully they won't fart.

#2- Take a Windmill With You Wherever You Go

This won't really help you avoid the wind, but it can still serve a purpose, and make the wind less annoying. Maybe it can help you mill grain for food, or pump water, or build energy. Also, it looks really cool when the blade-thingies go super fast...Yes, we know that if one is taking weather advice from people who call something 'blade-thingies,' that person is probably in trouble. Whatever. This is our website. We can do what we want.

#1- Stay Inside...Duh

Of course this is the easiest, and most obvious way to avoid the wind. Stay inside! Being outdoors is overrated, anyway. If you stay inside, you avoid the wind,  and can sit on your couch eating cheetos and watching reruns of Idol. If you really get anxious, you can step out into your backyard to get some fresh air, and then, if the wind starts to pick up, you can head right back inside. It's genius we tell you! Genius!