I've heard horror stories about living in certain cities and being in need of police, fire, or emergency responders and not seeing any for literally hours after the initial call.

I'm lying in bed last night and I hear the sickening sound of screeching tires followed by that sound of exploding metal. I run outside, run a half a block and there's this suv, with a broken light pole sticking out of the passengers side of the front window and a young lady standing there staring at her vehicle....with hot wires on the ground from the downed pole. I dial 911. Literally in about 4 minutes tops there is Casper's finest. Police on the scene clearing the street, setting up perimeters for the hot wire, fire department checking for physical trauma, emergency ambulance on the scene checking for trauma, street cleared off for other traffic. I even got in trouble from the fire department guys because to take the picture I got up close and a fireman runs up to me and yells "hey dummy you see that wire? You see it? That's hot get out of here!" Which I did! Professionals with talent and speed coupled with true compassion. But truly to have that kind of response from such a variety of agencies with such professionalism, class and skill. Is nothing short of "Bad Ass!" I know in my community I've got a group of men and women that are truly a cut above in all aspects of their job.  Remarkable professionals.  Makes me feel safe...secure....and above all cared for.