So here's the story of this Casper turtle.  William Millay was at the duck ponds by Bryan Stock Trail and came upon a man that had caught this huge turtle.  When William approached, the man explained that he was about to "cut him up and eat him"!  William got the guy's attention asking, "would this turtle taste as good as a prime rib dinner?"  Then WIlliam offered the man $50 to take himself and wife out for dinner...but he had to let the turtle go.  The man agreed, let the turtle go and didn't take the money.  Turtle saved!

My shocking revelations:

  • There are people in WYOMING that eat turtle!?!
  • There is at least one HUGE turtle in the duck ponds?!?
  • WIlliam Millay is now officially Casper's very own Turtle Man!!!
Have you seen any large turtles living around Casper?  Please share where so we can all watch our toes!!!  Maybe it's time to rename the 'Duck' ponds....the 'Turtle' ponds?