A Man With A Dream In Wyoming
As we all know Wyoming's economy is basically funded by oil. We all have a family member or know someone who is employed by the oil industry especially here in Casper. But do you know who we have to thank for such a lucrative product?
The Office Christmas Party
Now that December is in full swing, all of us are gearing up for our annual office Christmas party. Usually, this is a time for celebration and a great time to get to know some of your co-workers on a more personal level. However, some of us have been known to embarrass ourselves in these social gat…
The Eclipse Merchandise Castle
You may have heard of a little historical piece of the cowboy state called Fossil cabin, located just outside of Medicine Bow Wyoming. If you haven't it's a pretty cool little cabin made up of about 6,000 fossilized dinosaur bones. Pretty cool right?

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