Free Youth Film Festival & Awards Saturday
A free Film Premier Event and Awards Presentation is on for tonight at the Atlas Theater in Cheyenne. It will provide screenings of the top films with cash and prizes for young filmmakers.
I like to support youth as they endeavor to grow their skills, and pursue careers...
The Top 5 Movies Filmed in Wyoming
Normally, you wouldn't think of Wyoming as a hotbed for big budget Hollywood movies. However, you might be surprised how many legendary films have either been filmed in, or based in, our great state.
In fact, at least six films filmed in Wyoming have gone on to win Academy Awards...
New Article Maps The Most Popular Movie From All 50 States
In 1992, Clint Eastwood won two Academy Awards for his depiction of Big Whiskey, Wyoming, in the film "Unforgiven". According to a new Reddit article ranking the top rated films in all 50 states, the gritty western is the most popular movie among Wyoming residents...

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