10 Movies and TV Shows That Need to Be Rebooted Right Now
While we should all be anti-remake, and keep hoping and praying Hollywood will one day come up with some new ideas for a change, the reboot conveyor belt isn’t going to stop anytime soon. But there are actually some old movies and TV shows that definitely could use a redo...
Meet The New Wonder Woman
Isreali-born actress Gal Gadot will take on the role of superhero Wonder Woman in the DC Comics follow-up to Man of Steel, currently titled Batman vs. Superman.
The 10 Most Annoying Movie Characters
No matter how well-intentioned a screenwriter or author is, sometimes the fans just can't stand a certain character. The creators may love him or her but their beloved character comes off as whiny, useless and just plain boring. Read on for a list of the top 10 most annoying fictional character…

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