Tommy Chong Among New ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Cast
I have never watched one single episode of Dancing With The Stars. It's not that I hate the show or anything, I just don't see the point of watching a bunch of privileged people doing the mambo. I mean, don't they get enough face time as it is?
What Shark Week Isn’t Telling You [VIDEO]
Shark Week has begun on The Discovery Channel. You can learn a lot from this series, but there are things they aren't telling you, like:
Every year millions are slaughtered for their fins.  Even worse?  A few others have to work with Tara Reid and Ian Ziering...
The Dangers Of Reporting The News [VIDEO]
A Washington, D.C. news crew was reporting on Sketch Factor, a new smartphone app that helps you avoid bad neighborhoods.  This crew used the app to find a bad neighborhood, and went there to ask people how they felt about it.  While they were reporting, someone broke into their …

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