I pull out this coat about every time this year. It belonged to my Father. William F. Shutts. Captain and pilot of a B-25. Inside, on the left, there is a silk flag written in Japanese that says "I am an American pilot please protect me." And on the right side there is a leather American flag. I really haven't earned the right to do this but I pull it out and put it on. It fits perfectly.  And just think. I think about how young people today view commitment, honor, dedication and courage. I try and put my self in my father's shoes when he was flying missions for America. What he must have felt like getting up every day, driving out to the plane, talking to his crew and then easing him self down into the seat of his B-25 knowing that he may not live through the day. And when I finally take the jacket off I am so terribly proud. So honored to have had a father like that. A hero. Thank you Dad for what you did for me and for so many others. I will never be able to repay you for all you've done. You will for ever live on in that jacket and in my heart. Thank you for your service.