When the Clash first hit the music scene I was already an avid fan. They were light years ahead of their time in their ability to mesh punk, political messages, some industrial and just good old rock and roll. I had a Clash T shirt that I literally wore out. It had a hammer and cycle on it. Joe Strummer was my rock hero for ever. And when they broke up it literally broke my heart. I compared it to the Beatles break up. At least it effected me that way. And now it comes out they never would have got back together. "Mick Jones says the Clash would never have got back together even if front man Joe Strummer hadn't died in 2002.But it’s more important that the members were able to rekindle their friendships following the disintegration that took place from 1982 to 1986 – including the guitarist’s dismissal 30 years ago this month." http://www.classicrockmagazine.com/news/clash-would-never-have-regrouped-says-jones/

If you want one of the best rock and roll experiences. Go buy the first two releases by the Clash. And turn it up real loud.