With the legalization of cannabis in Colorado cash continues to flow into the states coffers. "According to the latest state tax collection data released Monday, Colorado had another banner month in legal, recreational marijuana sales.In April, dispensaries across the state sold about $22 million in retail marijuana, according to the Associated Press. The legalization of cannabis main stay in terms of income for the state appear to be going up every month. "Revenue from recreational marijuana has been mostly steadily rising since the beginning of the year, when the historic first sales began. April's revenue was up more than 15 percent from March, which saw $19 million in sales across the state. In February and January, around $14 million in revenue was brought in each month, according to state figures."http://nr.news-republic.com/Web/ArticleWeb.aspx?regionid=1&articleid=24335596

Gives a whole new meaning to Rocky Mountain High.