All the problems that were supposed to come to Colorado with the legalization of cannabis use haven't materialized. In fact. The opposite is true. The first study of cannabis consumption is out in Colorado. And they are making money, crime is down and they are smoking a ton of pot "Colorado is smoking pot by the ton, and visitors are, too. That's the conclusion from Colorado pot regulators who have issued what might be the world's first market study of legal recreational marijuana. With the consumption has come a decrease in crime in the city of Denver in addition to a reduction in criminal assaults, drug possession arrests and DUI's. The study released late Wednesday afternoon concluded that total market demand for marijuana in Colorado is about 130 metric tons a year. That's about 121 metric tons for residents and almost 9 metric tons a year for visitors. These figures include medical and recreational marijuana.The state concluded that visitors account for 44 percent of the marijuana recreational retail sales in the Denver area. In the mountains and other vacation spots, visitors to Colorado account for 90 percent of recreational dispensary traffic.Colorado's Department of Revenue compiled the market study, the first since retail sales began in January."

John Denver where are you? "Rocky Mountain High....Colorado.