You hear the sound of that whup....whup....whup? That's the sound of the University of Wyoming Cowboy's defense getting spanked in California by the Fresno State Bulldogs offense Saturday night causing the Cowboys to drop to 1-6 overall and win less in the Mountain West Conference. That's no conference wins folks.  And they didn't get spanked hard. They got spanked often. The Bulldogs started off hot and didn't cool down until some where in the fourth quarter. The Cowboys defense was so porous that the Bulldogs went into the locker room at half time with a 35-0 lead.

When it came time for the Cowboys to attempt to move the ball on offense the Bulldogs defensive line hurried, cajoled, smacked, racked and sacked the two Wyoming quarterbacks (Brett Smith and Jason Thompson) to the point of hysteria with Smith completing 18 of 38 passes with two touchdowns. Oh and one touchdown for Fresno State. He was intercepted for a score late in the fourth quarter. And unfortunately if the Cowboy's see light at the end of the's a train in the guise of a 6 - 1 (undefeated in conference play) ranked #22 in the country....Boise State next week. I suppose if it's a glass half full scenario the game's at home for the Cowboys. I just don't see many making that 6 hour drive from the northern part of the state to watch what's up next.