It's time for a little respect for the University of Wyoming Cowboy's Basketball Team from the AP Top 25 voters.

The Pokes have completed their first 13 games of the season without a loss. The best start in program history. And they did so on the road. On the road!!! The days of Everett Shelton, Willard "Dutch" Witte (who led the Pokes to a 26-3 record in 1934), Benny Dees and Steve McClain are fast being forgotten. Because this version of the Cowboys is for real.

Tonight, with out the help of floor general and senior guard Luke Martinez, (who is second in scoring at 14 points a game, and leads the team in assists) on the bench with a broken finger, the Cowboys managed to dispatched SMU In Dallas 59-56!. They did so when senior forward Leonard Washington brought his A game in the second half scoring 19 points and 11 rebounds for his sixth double-double of the season, leading the team in scoring. Play by Play: "Washington with the rebound....down the floor he goes...time running out....up in the air for the slam....the score....Oh The Score....Cowboys win....and remain undefeated."Helping out was Larry Nance Jr. with 12 points and 5 boards and Freshman....Freshman Josh Adams with 11.

I can't tell you what it's like to be a Cowboy basketball fan right now. The late Bill Shutts (Cowboy cheerleader and roommate with Kurt Gowdy would be sooo proud). Good luck getting tickets to that Wednesday night New Mexico Game or the home game against CSU. I'm telling you...Kenny Sailors is dancing in the streets.

Next game is next Wednesday at home against Boise State. You'll hear the silent voice of Jim Brandenburg in the hall ways of the double A....with a quiet "Go Pokes."