For the die hard Cowboy basketball fan. The months when the season started out on an incredible record breaking pace are but a memory. Ten and 0....Eleven and 0...Twelve and o...Those were the day.

Now it seems like the Cowboys are struggling to find even a rythme to thier offense and some spunk to thier defense. And those members of the team that the younger players should be looking up to for guidance and leadership...the seniors...are letting the team, the town and the state down. Saturday was no exception.

In New Mexico in the Pit the Cowboys (18-11, 4-11) were out played in the waningminutes of the game and for the second time this season, out hustled in a 53-42 loss to New Mexico (25-4,12-2) comming away with thier fifth win in a row. One of the Cowboys problems was the play of the seniors. They haven't showed up in the last two games the Pokes have played. Specifically Leonard Washington. In light of the dissapearance of the seniors on the Cowboy squad the Pokes have had to turn to sophomore Derek Cooke Jr. and sophomore Matt Sellers. They played a combined 32 minutes, and Cooke finished with nine points and seven rebounds on 4-of-5 shooting. And now the Mountain West Confrerence looms just beyond the horizion. Played of course in the Thomas and Mack Center, the home court of the University of Nevada Las Vegas Running Rebels.  And the Cowboys only have to win one game. The next one in front of them. In the tournemant anything can happen.

Now the Cowboys have only one regualr season game left. At home in Laramie. Against thier most vaulted rival. The Colorado State University Rams (22-7, 9-5) who are currently ranked number two in the Conference standings.

Game time is 8:00 Wednesday and can be heard on our sister station AM 1030 KTWO.