The last time the University of Wyoming Cowboys (18-8, 4-8) faced the San Diego State Aztecs (19-7, 7-5) it was in Laramie in the cold of January. The Cowboys were on a roll and the Aztecs were nationally ranked. And things were going the Cowboys way. For the Cowboys every one was healthy, the Double A was packed, and the Pokes came away with a 58-45 victory. Biggest win of the season. Fast forward to today. Leading scorer and assist leader as well as former floor general Luke Martinez is awaiting trial for a felony assault (and if you check the statistics on ESPN he's still the leading scorer for the Cowboys) current leading scorer and leading re-bounder Leonard Washington is out with a sore ankle, and there are a bunch of other "scholarship" players that haven't picked up the slack. I know they are kids...but a scholarship is a scholarship. This is Division I basketball. Put that all together and you find the Cowboys getting out scored, out rebounded, out played (but not out hustled) in a conference game in California 79-51. The University of Wyoming Cowboys on the road in California never....never quit playing hard. And there were jeers from the crowd in San Diego towards our Cowboy team. UN-professional.

Do things get any easier in the Mountain West Conference? No! And they shouldn't. Except for the University of Nevada Las Vegas Running Rebels who get to play Mountain West Conference Tournament games in their own house. Their own House for god's sakes! That's like playing Vegas....with you're own dice...on your own table...with you're own dice man. Really!!!  A contract that was just extended by the presidents of all the Mountain West Conference Teams. Must be nice. Welcome to Vegas. Try explaining that to you're young kids on the bus as you roll to the tournament. "Believe us kids it's all for the better of the Conference"!  Right..... It's like playing three on three against your blocks best team in you're own back yard on your own court behind your own house. Tell me there is no advantage. But that's another story.

Cowboys next game is against the Runnin' Rebels of Nevada Las Vegas. The game can be heard on our sister station AM 1030 KTWO at 7pm.