In the old days (see Heath Schroyer & Steve McClain) when the University of Wyoming Cowboy's Men's Basketball team had an 11 point lead at the half, I would turn the game on the radio down, and start fixing dinner, start doing laundry, start doing anything because I knew by the time the first three minutes of the second half had expired the Pokes would have lost the lead and been down 5. Tonight...Oh my tonight....I was pacing through out the house, with the radio on in three rooms and I have to admit there was a moment I was on my knees. But the Cowboys didn't need my help nor did I have to turn off the radio as the Pokes (15-2, 2-2) not only held on to the lead but came out after an extremely cold first half and proceeded to hand the  25th ranked team in the country, the San Diego State Aztecs (14-4, 2-2) their second consecutive conference loss of the season 58-45. I was so excited I burnt the steaks and ruined the vegetables! What a huge win for a team that has been struggling in all aspects of their on court and off court lives. Every one stepped up and contributed. Especially the "team" defense.

The Aztecs were a team that was averaging 72 points a game.But the pokes smothering team defense had the Aztecs scoring only 9 total points in the first half. And though the Cowboys didn't set any scoring records themselves it was the defense that kept the Aztecs out of the game scoring their lowest point total all season. And offensively the Cowboys came out in the second half convinced they were the better team with Leonard Washington dropping 14, Derrious Gilmore 13 and Josh Adams 12 most of which were in the second half. Tonight was a water shed moment in Wyoming Cowboy Basketball lore. To bounce back after the week these young kids have experienced, knowing what they had to do...what the task before them was, and then doing it with Cowboy pride and dedication made me proud. Proud to be a Wyoming Cowboy!

The Cowboys next conference battle is again another tremendous test. The Pokes go on the road Thursday to battle UNLV (15-4, 2-2). Game can be heard at 7:00 pm on our sister station AM 1030 KTWO radio.