Juneteenth, a celebration of freedom, goes all the way back to the 1800's. The Emancipation Proclamation gave slaves freedom in 1863, but in Texas it was another three years before slaves were actually set free. As the slaves began a new way of life, June 19th was the day they chose to celebrate their new found freedom, thus beginning the Juneteeth Holiday.

39 of the 50 United States recognize this day as a holiday, non-paid, but a holiday none the less. Wyoming was the 9th state to give recognition to Juneteenth. Pastor William H. Pierce, and his wife Lessie have worked tirelessly on the Casper celebration for over 15 years.

Mr. Pierce thanks the City of Casper, State Senator Charlie Scott,the late State Rep. Tom Walsh, Dr. Ronald Myers, and Senator John Barrasso for their efforts in helping make the celebration possible.

This celebration is not just about Black people, but everyone in the community who loves freedom and doesn't mind sharing ideas has on how we can all make Casper, Wyoming an Oasis that all Americans can see as a beacon of Peace and Harmony.

Saturday, June 18th, at Matt Campfield Park in North Casper will be this year's Juneteenth Festival starting at 3 p.m. Everyone is invited to share a day of fellowship, Gospel Music, food, and a chance to meet some new friends.

Pastor Bill asks if you plan to attend, DON'T BRING YOUR PETS!

Admission is free, but donations would be helpful and appreciated.

Listen to Pastor Bill talk about the struggles as well as the significant progress that's been made and the hope for the future of the place we call home, Casper, Wyoming.