Crosby, Stills & Nash were one of my ultimate favorite groups growing up as a kid. They had the music, the message, and the means of delivering a unique quality of music that no one else did. I believed in them. Then the cocaine took over. During the tour of 1974, drugs over came Crosby Stills & Nash. "Graham Nash believes the fabled Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young "doom tour" of 1974 couldn't have gone ahead without the incredible amount of drugs the band took on the road."  "David Crosby believes the cocaine affected their creativity, however. He says: "The people who first gave it to us said it wasn't addictive. We were idiots; we didn't have a clue."Music is an elevating force. Cocaine and other hard drugs take everything down – the level of consciousness, the level of conception, the level of performance, the level of humanity, your ability to be empathetic, your energy, your spirit. All that shit gets dragged down."It's a horrible drug and it has a terrible effect on your psyche and your work. The more we did it, the worse things got. I hate the stuff. I hate the years I wasted doing it."