Sunday a half dozen Denver Broncos were out lifting the spirits of the shooting victims in Fridays 'Dark Knight' shootings in Aurora, Colorado.Joe Mays, Ryan Clady, Chris Kuper, Ben Garland, Eric Decker and Jacob Tamme a week out of training camp were out in the community to show support and give words of encouragement to the victims.


“We felt this was the least we could do to help them get through this tragic event,” Mays said. “We came out of there with just a different mindset on life as well. They were still able to smile and laugh and have people in their corner and by their side. Just to see that couldn’t help but smile a smile on our faces and make us think about our lives and being with our families.”



Peyton Manning also called four of the patients at the Medical Center of Aurora on Sunday. Brian Dawkins also made an appearance at the hospital. Linebacker Joe Mays got a surprise while on the visit.




“What we were trying to do was go in there, show support and try to put a smile on these peoples’ faces. But the thing is, they put a smile on our faces,” linebacker Joe Mays said.

“They had such positive attitudes. They knew they were blessed to live and they knew they were going to have another chance to walk about with their families.”



The Broncos are scheduled to start training camp on Wednesday.