It seems that all the predictions about crime increasing in the state of Colorado due to the legalization of recreational use of Cannabis are unfounded. It's been five months since residents and tourists alike could buy their first legal bags of marijuana in Denver, and despite the fears of many law enforcers, crime in the city still has not gone up. "According to the most recent available data, during the first five months of 2014, violent crime in the city and county of Denver was down 1.9 percent from the same period in 2013. Rates of aggravated assault, one of the four main types of violent crime that the city tracks, are up 1.5 percent from the same five-month stretch last year, but the other three categories of violent crime -- homicide, sexual assault and robbery -- have fallen off. Property crime is also down 11.5 percent from the first five months of 2013.Interestingly, according to Denver's Department of Safety, burglaries and robberies at the city's marijuana dispensaries are on track to hit a three year low, as first reported by The Denver Post.Since Jan. 1, nearly $18 million has been added to state coffers in tax and licensing fees from Colorado's recreational and medical marijuana markets. Medical marijuana has been legal in Colorado since 2000."