Crowds were serenaded by live music as they waited for the nation's first legal recreational pot shops to open according to Kristen Wyatt of the Associated Press. "They ate doughnuts and funnel cakes as a glass-blower made smoking pipes, with those that made thier first purchase emerging from the stores, receipts held "high" above their heads. The Denver police reported only one citation was issued."

So though there are those that are excited about their new found freedom, law enforcement in the State of Wyoming were not so "high" about the the goings on in Colorado, who approved legal pot industries in 2012.

On Thursday, the State Highway Patrol posted this very clear message to their Facebook page: Post by Wyoming Highway Patrol. "The state highway patrol says it has "no plans to increase patrols on highways near the state line to look for those transporting marijuana into the state from Colorado," but that the "bottom line" is that "any amount of marijuana in either dried or in plant form in the State of Wyoming is illegal to possess."

Albany County Sheriff Dave O'Malley told the Laramie Boomerang that his office expects to see more drivers under the influence of marijuana as well as drivers carrying pot out of Colorado into Wyoming.

So if you are planning on making that next trip to the "high" plains of Colorado. Think twice about bringing back some of their new legal product. You could find your self spending some serious time as a guest of the State of Wyoming.