A Kentucky boy suffering from stage four cystic fibrosis isn't expected to live through Christmas. His dying wish is to set a new world record.

A viral campaign that some have believed to be a hoax is not being covered by national news agencies and is believed to be a true story.

9 year old Dalton Dingus of Salyersvile, KY is suffering from the disease and his dying wish is to set the world record for the most Christmas cards received.  His campaign has been going since November and as of December 14th he as already collected over 100,000 cards, according to an update from his mother, Jessica.

The current unofficial world record of 205,120 Christmas cards received was set back in 1990, by a terminally ill 8 years old boy in British Columbia, Canada.   The record was unofficially broken by a 6 year old terminally ill child in Michigan in 2009, who collect an unverified record of 1,175,752 cards sent from well wishers over an undetermined period of time.

The Guinness Book of World Records currently doesn't have a record for this category and would consider opening it, if the Dingus family files a formal proposal.

Here is the Facebook message that is currently circulating from December 14th -

Please send a Christmas card to make this boys wish come true!!!Dalton Dingus is a 9 yo boy and has stage 4 Cystic Fibrosis. He has been discharged from the hospital because there is nothing else that doctors can do and he only has a couple of weeks to live. Dalton has a dream to beat the Guinness World Record for the most Christmas Cards. The record is 35,000 at last count and Dalton has 23,000. LETS MAKE DALTON'S DREAM COME TRUE:

HC BOX 1249

I believe it's worth the price of a card, envelope and a stamp to help make this dying wish come true!

Merry Christmas!!