One of the hardest working, hardest playing, and hardest rocking bands in rock and roll had their Boss induct them into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. "Bruce Springsteen inducted the E Street Band into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame and told them: "Let's keep rolling for as many lives as they give us."And he revealed how he rejected pressure to have the band included as part of his own induction in 1999.In the longest part of the annual ceremony, the Boss went through the history of each musician – and said his only regret was that late members Dan Federici and Clarence Clemons couldn't be there.Springsteen said: "In the beginning there was Mad Dog Vini Lopez, standing in front of me, fresh out of jail, his head shaved, in the Mermaid Room of the Upstage Club in Asbury Park. He told me he had a money-making outfit called Speed Limit 25 – they were looking for a guitarist, and was I interested? I was broke. So the genesis point of the E Street Band was actually a group that Vini asked me to join to make a few extra dollars on the weekend."

A Band truly Born to Run.