I know the photo is graphic. But it depicts the fingers of a famous tree trimmer. His name is William "Sthil" Will McKinney. He's famous because he was featured in a Tribune article of heroes that stepped up and stepped out during the terrible tree tragedy that mother nature put upon the city of Casper during the past snow storm. You see Will was pictured in the paper because he donated 25 hours a week of his own time to help those in need of getting the trees from their yards, houses, power lines and every where else his work was needed. After putting in 50 hours a week for Capshaw Tree Service. Will would take his free time and go out into the city and help those in need of tree removal that couldn't afford or couldn't get the work done them selves. He utilized every hour of free time for weeks, using his own equipment, to remove trees and branches from the yards and power lines of people in need of help. He focused on seniors who needed the help and didn't have the money. Recently he got his hand caught in a rope that was pulled into the wood chipper, which removed three of his finders. Now he can't work for a few months. He's going to struggle paying his bills. He wanted to go back to work two days after the accident but Ace Capshaw said no way. Here's hoping you get back to the business you love Sthill Will. And thanks for you dedication to the City of Casper.