This is an open invitation to any local employer that wants a young entry level position filled with a very intelligent yet questionable work ethic teenager. I think that at this point he can pass a piss test (he says he can). It has to be entry level because he did graduate from high school with a 3.5 GPA, his work ethic as of late has been minimial. Suffice it to say that the hardest thing he's done is mow the lawn and wash his mom's car. if you own or manage an oilfield supply out fit, water supply company, landscaping, or painting company this is the kid for you. Fast food even. I'm pretty much willing to put him in anything short of cleaning a vet building.I asked him his desired pay scale and he said with a straight face, "Oh around $18 bucks an hour." I laughed out loud!

Serious inquiries only. OK semi-serious inquiries taken here as well. Call the radio station and ask for Doc. This one is going to require a little training and patience. I'll even kick back about 10% of what you pay him to you.