Congratulations to the individuals that planned, organized, worked many hours and pulled off an evening of entertainment through out the entire city of Casper, in the presentation of Casper's First Night that I haven't seen on a cold New Years night in years.

In a town where New Year's Eve is generally celebrated by the consumption of alcohol. There was an opportunity for those in recovery, as well as many family members and kids, to celebrate with a New Year's Eve Celebration that was centered around sober, family entertainment centered through out our community downtown. And fun. Real fun. The looks on the hundreds of Casper residents that ventured out on a cold night to support the myriad of activities was inspiring. The Third Annual First Night Casper was a huge success. More so than in years past.

The Celebration is organized by the 12/24 Club. A place where many can go experience their first step forward with recovery. They joyously mingled with hundreds of Casper families and even high school kids, for a night of unique entertainment at a variety of venues. Tonight all over the city of Casper there were hundreds of individuals and family's that did just that. Celebrate. And celebrate they did. There were so many buttons sold for this years event that organizer Heidi Foy had to go get buttons from last year to sell to patrons because she sold out the current ones. That speaks not only to the work of those that put on the event but to how many people in Casper look for something that a family can participate in that is not alcohol related.

And success abound all over the different venues. Cliff Maloy at the Downtown Grill was as on key and entertaining as I've ever heard him. The liquid nitrogen ice cream at the Science Zone was delicious. The magician Lazzrus Benson at the Wolcott Galleries was mesmerizing. The Fire Dancing and Ice Carving were something quite unique. John May and Kyle Stanley and friends engrossed their audiences. The actors from Stage III, The Painted Past Productions, and Willa LaClair brought a Native feel to the festivities that was astounding along with the Casper Community Drum Circle. I know I've left out some folks that made this night possible and for that I apologize. You're contribution did not go unnoticed. Not for a second.

And now the volunteers. There were so many that helped with this endeavor. Dr. Diana Qualey Berge, the nameless volunteers from the 12/24 Club. The City of Casper Fire Department and Law Enforcement. And last but not least Heidi Foy. Your dedication to this event is both boundless and heart felt. Your dedication and hard work will not go unnoticed. Thank you Heidi for what you do. Try this. Button to amazing night $20.00. Food from all the vendors delicious. True community involvement with folks you haven't seen in a a while wonderful. The Fire Works Display at the end: Priceless! The Fire Works display was awe inspiring for the ten year old and the twelve year old that I got to watch them with. Thank you for you're hard work. Can't wait till next year. Happy New Year.