Like most of us who have jobs, and so does the Fishin' Hippy! The man loves nothing more than dropping a line, but knows the bills have to get paid. After some time off the water, the Hippy was able to take a friend out to Cardwell fishing access.He's not willing to share the particular location, but a hike through the canyon is necessary to reach the section they would fish for the afternoon.  The pair were able to catch some colorful 18 to 20 inch  rainbows, so colorful the Hippy was impressed, " they looked liked they came off a painting!"

This location is downstream from the bridge, below Pathfinder and the water level now allows you to work through the next parking area. The Hippy reminds you to be careful the area is very rocky, huge boulders, and deep holes. You are entering at your own risk!

The Hippy asks you to be mindful of private lands and to respect the landowner. Remember your regulations, which can be found at all your sporting goods stores, Wal-Mart and free from Game and Fish.

On his outing the Hippy once again used his tubes (he always uses tubes when fishing for trout) but says a variety of lures and flies will work.

On Saturday, the Hippy's friend Tim (from Colorado) was along for some really nice bites. The one-man pontoon was finding all the right spots for some amazing  rainbow trout. In another of the (secret) holes Cardwell was yielding a variety of rainbow's, one being 28 inches and 8 pounds. Another nice catch was a 25-26 inch brown weighing  6 pounds.

Wherever you decide to hit the water always be careful, be good stewards and respect our wild places.

Happy Fishin!'

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