It was many years ago when I received the blessing of meeting John McVie, his wife Christine, and the rest of Fleetwood Mac. I got to drive them all up to Casper Mountain to look out point the day before they played out at the fairgrounds in an out door concert. John McVie was one of the funniest most gracious rock stars I had ever met. Plus he was my height. Not very tall.

Now with the most successful tour in 15 years coming to an abrupt halt (with the canceling of the New Zealand and Australia shows), due to the fact the John McVie has been diagnosed with cancer, the future of Fleetwood Mac is in hands of doctors.

"Remaining a stalwart with the group throughout each incarnation, John McVie remains a vital part of the Fleetwood Mac experience. Sadly, though, a recent announcement from the band has confirmed that the English musician is now suffering from cancer."

Lets hope and pray it's not life threatening. God Speed John McVie.