A friend and I were talking about some of these on Facebook, then the memories just started pouring out and most of us here at the station just kept adding to it. I love thinking back to those "good ole days", just had to be home before dark, and Mama never texted us, she just yelled our names really loud.

We are the last generation that learned to play in the streets and the first to play video Games, see cartoons in color and go to amusement Parks. We were the last to record radio songs on cassettes and we are the pioneers of Walkmans and chatrooms. ... We learned how to program the VCR before anyone else, we played pong, then Atari and Super Nintendo, and we believed the internet would be a free world, all on a 56k Modem. We traveled in cars without seat-belts or air-bags, we rode in the back of my Daddy's pick-up truck, and lived without cell phones. We rode the bikes down the street, sometimes without brakes, helmets, pads, and sometimes without shoes. We never had phones but still kept in touch.  We wore our pants up around our waist. If we cussed, we did it where an adult couldn't hear. If we needed some money we worked for it. We cut grass, raked leaves, dug ditches, baby-sat, weeded gardens, and baled hay. We did not have Playstations, hundreds of TV channels, flat screens, surround sound, MP3s, iPods, computers or broadband...

...and we had a GREAT time!

What do you remember and miss from "the good ole days"?