It only took a federal jury 6 hours to deliberate the guilt of former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin. The charismatic politician was found  guilty of  accepting bribes, trips and other gifts from contractors seeking work with the city.  Nagin who now lives in Frisco, Texas, was mayor for two terms including the national spotlight during Katrina and the recovery effort afterwards. He was indicted for his crimes after his final term ended.

"While most people were working to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina these individuals were conspiring to  benefit themselves at the expense of the citizens that elected them," Gabriel Grchan, Special Agent in Charge of IRS Criminal Investigation, said of Nagin and his "co-conspirators."

Nagin was found guilty on all but one of 21 total charges. He now faces decades in prison for the corruption convictions.

This is disappointing news. Thinking back to the time of Katrina and watching this man who seemed to care for his city, it's people and finding solutions to some major, major issues. Prosecutors have a completely different way of describing the former Big Easy mayor.

Prosecutors portrayed Nagin as an opportunist who used the mayor's office to line his pockets, while the former mayor's defense said he was the victim of shady


Of course the politician and his attorneys see it in a different light. Such a shame when you feel you can look up to someone and they are proven to be the total opposite of their word. Everyone deserves a second chance and someday a huge amount of people just  may find a way to forgive Ray Nagin.