Making candy is easy. Making delicious, unique and artful confections is a work of art. Truly a craft to be learned over many years of candy making. When I was a very little kid, when my family of 13 needed candy which was definitely Easter, some Christmas, and birthday's, my mother would drive us up to Hilltop Shopping Center and we would get to walk into Donells Candies. Easter was the best. Hand made Easter eggs...specifically canary eggs, that were out of this world. One of a kind fudges and maple pralines.  The place was always warm and smelled like heaven would smell. I could barely look up over the counter at all the different selections. And there was Don Stepp...apron on making candy. And he always came out from the back and would ask little kids, like me; "What would you like? Remember you only get one!" And then you would have to pick something...only one...out of a world of fine candy.

This past weekend I needed to impress some one with some candy so I went to the place I knew had one of a kind confections. And Mike Stepp was there, and his Father Don Stepp was somewhere, still making candy after 63 years, but what I found amazing were the two little kids, Matt Stepp and Shayne Rose, making chocolate truffles. Learning a craft, an art form, keeping the tradition alive. Fourth generation confectioners. So I bought my special candy, said high to the family, and watched as history was being passed down one piece of candy at a time. And all I could say was "Sweet!"