It's not every day that the phrase "talk is cheap the price if action is colossal" can be applied to one's life in real time. But for Stephen Fleming it did. Stephen was unique in many ways. Though he came to Wyoming from Louisiana, and went to Roosevelt High School and even Casper College, he actually touched others lives in a distinct, measurable way.  Stephen had been given a second chance at life. You see he struggled with the disease of addiction. And it nearly took everything from him. His life, family,  even his beloved freedom and daughter. But after years of work, help from his brothers from the  "T.C" treatment center he graduated from, and other people in recovery Stephen got his life back. and with that second chance he reached out and helped many others.  He became a great employee for Energy Transportation, a great friend to his brothers in recovery and T.C. and more importantly he became the father to his darling daughter who he loved to roast marshmallows with, take her swimming, and tuck her into bed at night.  You see about three weeks ago Stephen was out riding his motorcycle with his friends. Something he'd done many times before. Only this time the ending of the ride was  not scripted like the others. He swerved to miss a rabbit and just two days shy of his 29th birthday Stephen Fleming was taken by his higher power, dying from injuries he suffered in the wreck.  His riding friends decided their actions needed to speak louder than their words. So they got together and raised over $11,000.00 through car washes, raffles and donations. His riding friends and family even put up a scholarship fund for his daughter. Stephen Fleming was unique in that he gave back to those that gave to him...and helped him save his life. A memorial fund has been established in Stephen's  name at Hilltop National Bank.