As part of my rock history past I was an adamant fan of Buffalo Springfield. The band was the precursor of so many other off shoots Crosby Still Nash and Young being one them not to mention the band Poco who I was lucky enough to spend time with when I booked them out in the rodeo arena at the fairgrounds one rainy Saturday night.I got to sit in a trailor, while it rained and rained and talk with Richie Furay about music, rock and roll and his place in music history. he said that Poco was the precursor to the Eagles. Hell I still have the Poco tee shirt. The rain almost canceled the show but it was Richie Furay who said "Hell Doc we'll just play in the rain. Let's go out and have some fun."

Last year when the band played some benefit concerts and then announced they were going on tour I was excited to see the re-alignment of one of America's icon clast bands.

But then the enigma that is Neil Young decided that his ego or his past was not something he wanted to revisit leaving Richie Furay to speak for the band and left Fury in a financial dilema. Neil Young has done this many times in the past even dissing his old band mates David Crosby and Graham Nash. It's a shame that Neil's decision left a long tour for the amazing Buffalo Springfield in the lurch. "“I’d be on a tour of my past for the rest of freaking time, which I can’t do.”

Go out and get some Poco. Listen to it and enjoy the musical genius that is Richie Furay. And thank Neil for again bailing on his band mates.