Running to the radio station....running behind. And like Jackson Browne sang "Running on Empty." I go to my "go to" gas station that is always open 24 hours and I'm let down. Discouraged. I pull the cap on the car...slam in the the pump and I'm ready to gas up. However.....nothing happens. I look in the store....all the lights are on. Looks's running to keep the cashier cool. Everything looks ok. So I wait. And wait. and wait. Then I see this teenager run up with his phone....take a picture of the door...jump in his car and take off. So I'm like....Hmmmmmm something's amis. Then it hits me "Bazinga".....ain't no one minding the store. So I walk up to the front door and there's this hap-hazard, hand written sign on the door. That's the picture with this story. And I'm like "Really!!" Till sever or so? Whats up with that? So I moved on...raced to the station and didn't run out of gas. But my old reliable Bradly's....lost me on some customer service.